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ZWCAD 2024
ZWCAD - CAD software for work in 2D/3D dimension
File format DWG, DXF, DWT
Versions R14-2024
Print file format PNG, JPG, and PDF
100% compatibility with AutoCAD and other analogs

Software ZWCAD is designed for working with DWG / DXF format files. The program is used by architects, engineers, builders, manufacturers, construction maintenance specialists, estimators, building managers and organizations that use and create accurate drawings in their work.
Create, edit, save, and print DWG/DXF/DWT files, import DGN files, and modify AutoCAD files from R14 to 2024 in ZWCAD.

What can ZWCAD do?

Build projects from start to finish.
Edit projects that are created or exported to DWG files.
Save designs in any version of DWG files.
Print projects.
Export projects to .PDF, .DXF, .SAT and other formats.

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ZWCAD layouts

The working environment of the ZWCAD program is close to the working environment of AutoCAD. Users who are familiar with the AutoCAD work environment will be able to start working with ZWCAD without special training. File organization, tool positioning, and commands are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.
The program includes both Classic and Ribbon tool layouts.

Compatibility with AUTOCAD

ZWCAD works in the DWG format, so the ZWCAD file can be opened in AUTOCAD, AUTOCAD LT, REVIT, ARCHICAD or other programs that support the DWG format. Designers can use various CAD and BIM systems to obtain quality project documentation.

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Working Tools

The ZWCAD program provides a wide range of tools, ranging from primitive drawing functions such as lines, circles, rectangles to complex functions such as dynamic blocks, dimension comments, “intelligent voice”, file comparison and more.

Localization of the ZWCAD program

ZWCAD Professional version has customized additional modules for industry that can be loaded into the program, such as CADprofi HVAC&Piping, MDT, MDT-point cloud, etc. Non-standard additional modules can be programmed for the automation of repetitive routine functions, for example, the SLOPES module is used in slope design.


Import, export, printing

ZWCAD can import DGN, DWF, DXF, TIFF, JPG, and PDF (PDF base) and export DXF, SAT, WMF, JPG, and PDF format files. Additional modules can also export other formats. ZWCAD can print in 2 MODEL AND LAYOUT modes. Existing LAYOUT settings made in AUTOCAD or another CAD program remain unchanged. Supports .CTB and. STB prints style.

PDF and DWFx underlay

In cases where a DWG file is not available, a PDF drawing can be used as the basis for the drawing. Drawings in the ZWCAD program can be expanded to follow line vertices. If the PDF is large, CLIP functions can be used to localize a certain part of the DWG drawing, thus making work easier.


Annotative Object

ZWCAD supports the Annotative object feature, which means that if you used these objects in your previous CAD program, you can continue to use this design method in ZWCAD.

File Compare

The File Compare feature is designed to allow users to quickly visually compare two versions of files.


External Reference

For complex projects, you can use other DWG files as external references. In this case, several designers or designers can work on the same project at the same time.


You can create automated special specification and explanation tables. You can also import MS Excel tables and export ZWCAD tables to CSV format, which can then be easily processed in MS EXCEL or OPEN OFFICE programs.


Download ZWCAD 30-day free version of the program!


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